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Prop: NalapakaPraveena T.S Guruvayurappan
Shree Annapoorneshwari Prassanna Shastry Caterings

We would like to Introduce Ourselves as “ Shastry Caterers “ the Organization was founded in 1970 By Mr “ SubramnyaShastrigal” in the Name and Style of “Mr.Guruvayurappan“and Later Transferred to “TG Ashwin”. We are honors to express that ours was the first catering service to start full contract service in Bangalore (in Kerala Style). The Organization will Provide Quality service and Hygienic Food to our Value Customer’s.

We Have Professionals who are experts in preparing tasty vegetarian Food wehave Got several Awards Certificates and tittles for our Organization. We also undertake Majourcatring service like Sasphapreethy (IyappaPooja) Vadhyar.